Website Transformations

Make Sure “The Director Of First Impressions”
Gives “The Right Impression!”

JD always tells business owners that these days, their “Director Of First Impressions” is no longer the receptionist who answers the phone.

She has long ago been relegated to “second base”.

Your “Director Of First Impressions” is now YOUR WEBSITE!

It’s the very first port of call for 99% of your prospects – so it’s VITAL that it appropriately reflects your “brand persona” – & “SELLS”.

If your “brand personality” is upmarket like BMW, you need your website to communicate this.

If your business is more suited to a “working class” audience, then your website should probably communicate a more “K Mart demeanour” – it’s simply horses for courses.

Simple for us – but you’d be amazed to learn that the vast majority of businesses GET IT WRONG.

The Institute Of Wow works closely with Australia’s leading “direct-response” website company – which specialises in providing sites that SELL.

So when you join “the Wow environment”, part of the many advantages you’ll enjoy is the access to JD’s “secret weapon” when it comes to creating “websites that SELL!”

JD “designs” the components & “look” of the site – & his “secret weapon” design studio MAKES IT HAPPEN.

Here’s Why Our Websites GET RESULTS!

The reason the websites that we design result in more sales for our clients is because we’re marketeers, not just graphic artists or techie-geeks. It may sound strange for us to say this, but the last people in the world that you want working on revamping your website are graphic artists or geeks.

Let’s just start with the most important component of your website – your home page. You need to consider your website as the “online advertising brochure for your business” – it’s that plain and simple.

Just consider it as an electronic version of the brochures that you may have been letterbox distributing for the last 10 or 20 years, only in this instance, you can include fantastic things like video content and valuable links to other websites and information.

But just as the front cover of your letterbox brochures was the most important part of those documents, so too is the home page of your website .

And if you look at most of your competitors’ (or any websites for that matter) you will see that their home page is awful. This means there’s a terrific opportunity for you to steal market share if you create a home page and a website which is “sales driven”.

Just as popular women’s magazines (such as Woman’s day, New Idea and Woman’s Weekly) treat their front cover as the most important page of the publication, you need to do likewise with the front cover (ie: home page) of your website!

See how JD’s creativity transformed this “educational mine tour” (that was presented in a rather mundane, sleepy fashion) into a “Disney-type” adventure that the whole family would enjoy!

Wow! Now here’s a classic example of turning “bland” into “GRAND!”


You only have to look at the “before and afters” here to recognise the stunning TRANSFORMATIONS that we provide for clients. I guess you could say that we are specialists at turning “bland” into “grand” – adding not only the important direct response features to our clients’ websites, but also the appropriate theatre and ambience that their particular business can benefit from.

In other words, we are “theming experts” as well as “marketing specialists”.

A classic case of the previous webpage “possibly looking modern” – but NOT really saying anything. In other words, the previous homepage was merely a pretty picture with NO sales messages or “direct-response” inclusions.

JD comes along & instantly, the webpage changes to become a 24/7 “sales machine!” (Hint – it’s no good simply “looking good” – you need to SELL from your website!)

Your MUST-HAVE Components
For Your Website Homepage

Because we want to deliver a “website that gets results”, here’s the important components that we recommend you must have on your home page.

  • A compelling problem/solution headline that evokes intrigue and captures the prospects attention.
  • Persuasive explanatory copy under the headline that sends ‘chilling thoughts’ though your prospects minds and aggravates the problem.
  • If that’s not enough, we then use images to ‘nail down’ the message for maximum impact.
  • A welcome video that quickly explains the benefits that your products or services provide. (If you’re not comfortable in front of a camera, maybe someone can represent you or perhaps you may choose to have a doodle video, using the compelling fast drawing technique).
  • We then tell your prospects the benefits through images and copy.
  • Call to Action and/or a data capture facility such as a free report. (The idea being to get the contact details of as many website visitors as possible).We can integrate your new website with any customer relationship management system (CRM) you have such as Infusionsoft, Aweber, Mail Chimp and so on.
  • Video testimonials from clients saying how wonderful your products or services are.
  • More compelling reasons why they should support your business.


Aside from being complimented on turning our clients’ website from “boring” information portals to “dynamic conversion machines”, we are constantly complimented on how fast we turn around such website transformations.

We have a very sophisticated and speedy team around us and we recognise that if you are going to have a website face lift, you are probably going to want to have it fast!

Understandably, you will respond to our “requests for information” in a timely manner, don’t be surprised if you have your website makeover done in a matter of weeks.

So, if you’ve HAD ENOUGH working with ‘Wanna Be Marketers’ and want FAST RESULTS… contact us today via or phone 07 55 919 566 & let us explain how we can assist with your overall marketing.

If you’re wanting to attract MORE CLIENTS quickly, you’ve come to the right place.

Some Samples

Discover How to Return Your Website
Into a 24/7 Sales Machine!



Watch the short 60 second video above & you’ll see “JD’s marketing magic performed right before your eyes”.

It’s his incredible fast layout of a client’s NEW website homepage – for “French themed” La Crust Bakery.

This café/bakery had a rather staid website previously, one that didn’t really project the “authentic French demeanour”.

So JD fixed that in a heartbeat – & the 60 second video above will show you that.

JD then advised the owners to letterbox deliver DL size brochures to nearby homes, promoting a High Tea & other NEW menu items – & sending householders to the NEW website to learn more.

The result? An INSTANT increase in weekly sales from $2,700 to OVER $9,000… a stunning transformation in every sense!!

The ‘other result” was a very happy baker!!


Imagine getting a “personally designed” direct-response homepage created by one of the world’s top marketers – Specifically customised for YOUR products or services!

And then that layout acts as the basis for the metamorphosis of your website!

Get ready for a NEW look & a NEW “sales machine!”

See below some samples of JD’s wizardry.

“The figures speak for themselves.Before we became part of John’s “wow environment”, our annual profit was about $120,000 a year.

Within 18 months of being involved with John’s coaching ideas, our profit within 18 months, grew to an annual rate of $440,000 a year!

That increased the value of our business fourfold – an outstanding result!

His system is applicable to any business-type.”

– Steve Fenton
Cafe St Tropez,
Gold Coast. Australia

"John’s ideas are simply inspiring, they are very different and he thinks way outside the square. He provides practical “client attraction” solutions that get results.And the great thing is that he has created “marketing formulas” that are easy to swipe and use for your own business. In other words, any business owner can grab these concepts and use them to attract new clients.Make no mistake, John’s ideas will help you “cut through the clutter” and any business owner can benefit by getting hold of his wisdom.”

- Lisa Taylor
Newcastle Knights Rugby League Club.
NSW. Australia

“Our sauna massage business has improved leaps & bounds since we invested in John’s advice. His “client attraction system” is incredible – we’ve followed his formula & the results have been “instantaneous!”We wish we had come across his marketing wizardry years ago – but we’re sure glad we’ve now found him.
His ideas are just brilliant & his “direct response” concepts mean that we can turn “the customer tap” on whenever we want. His stuff is an invaluable resource for any business owner.” A very nice problem to have I can assure you!”

- Natalie Kernke
Vibrosaun Sauna Massage. Qld.