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JD’s WOW Manifesto is a gigantic tabloid sized library of his most successful marketing concepts for businesses – plus a 10 Set Audio Coaching Program that provides you with JD’s hints and tips on how to implement his “10 Point Wow System” into your business. Both the book and the Audio Coaching Program concentrate on the 10 major components which JD believes should be part of any business’s marketing plan.


  1. manifest--book0Who, Why, Where? How to determine your most profitable client and where to find them – so you can look for more people who look like them!
  2. Be the expert People gravitate to trusted authorities, so JD shows you how to promote yourself as the “Steve Irwin” or “Masterchef” of your industry.
  3. How to create a WOW Learn how to take their eyes off the price! After all, who wants to join the price war?
  4. Get emotional The power of “emotional direct response marketing” tactics. Most people “buy” on emotion &JD shows you how to use appropriate tactics.
  5. Be outrageously different online – and fix your website! Most business websites are woeful – and JD shows you how to turn your “information site” into a “24/7 Sales Juggernaut”.
  6. Hold events Everyone loves going to an event – 50 why not take advantage of this? You’ll learn the WHAT, WHERE & WHEN of holding your own events.
  7. Get good video testimonials and use them Most businesses have no “video testimonials” on their website – and those that do, have awful ones. Learn how to capture incredi powerful “client video testimonials” — it’s a system. And if you follow JD’s formula, sit back and watch your online conversions go through the roof!
  8. Get free publicity Learn how to become a storyteller and exploit the many media opportunities there are, both online and offline.
  9. Deliver extraordinary customer service Learn how to do what Disney does so well – create knock-your-socks-off, incredible “customer experiences”. Note – NOT “customer service”, but rather “customer EXPERIENCES!”
  10. Build repetitive trade Learn how to create loyalty programs that keep your clients coming back for more.

The Ultimate Marketing Swipe File!

Whenever you’re in need of more clients, simply refer to the Wow Manifesto & swipe an idea!

Bonus 10 Set JD Audio program! Available instantly to you via mp3 downloads.

The “bonus” 10 set audio coaching from JD is pure “marketing goId” Although shown here as CDs, you actually get “instant access” via mp3 downloads.



You can Google to your heart’s content, but you’ll never discover marketing ideas for your business like you’ll find in this invaluable dossier of “client attraction marketing concepts” which you can swipe and use!! John Dwyer (“JD” to most) is a one of a kind marketing maverick – whose unique mastery has helped countless businesses double, triple and quadruple their sales in short periods of time! When it comes to devising marketing systems to skyrocket sales for businesses, his thinking is refreshingly unconventional and way outside the box – thank goodness! Because if you’ve been exposed to lots of seminars and webinars, you’re probably tired of hearing the same old marketing 101 philosophies that have been peddled over and over again. John’s proven “client attraction formula” is very different from what you’ve seen before and this incredible dossier provides you not only with the “step-by-step system” – it’s also crammed full of wildly successful case studies which you can swipe and mirror for the marketing of your products or services! Yes, it’s a swipe file from Heaven – and when you’ve got it in your hands, your competitors should start shaking in their boots – because you’re now going to be able to grab a disproportionate market share (if you join the dots of course!). JD shows you how to create “wow factors that take your prospects’ eyes off the price”.

And he shows you how his system is equally potent for both offline and online businesses – regardless of whether you are B2B or B2C. Imagine having this priceless resource at your fingertips whenever you want to “turn the customer tap on!” If you want to have an unfair advantage over your competitors, this will be the best investment you make all year. Because you’re going to find out how easy and simple it is to attract new customers, ones who pay more & stay longer!

You can get a taste for the powder-keg of “client attraction” marketing ideas in this dossier by downloading a complimentary chapter right now. You’ll get to see first-hand just how valuable this resource will be for the marketing of your products or services. The Wow Manifesto is your fast-track way to creating a marketing plan that packs a wallop – & one that makes it SO MUCH EASIER for you to attract new clients. Here’s a taste-test of what you can expect when you invest in the package – & it’s FREE!


You get all 10 audios as an instant mp3 download!

JD has produced an insightful audio tutorial for each of the 10 chapters in the Wow Manifesto dossier. He gives you another perspective on each of the ten principles of his “client attraction formula” – completely separate & different from the golden nuggets you get in the written dossier. So you get to benefit from different content – both the written dossier & the audio series. The CDs graphic above is simply to demonstrate that you get 10 audios. You actually get “instant access” via mp3 downloads as soon as you invest in the Wow Manifesto Program. You may care to take JD’s advice on the road with you – by downloading the audio series to your smartphone or iPad! Your car can become a mobile college for new ideas!

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Consider how comforting it would be to have access to a giant library of proven successful marketing ideas that you can mirror whenever you need more clients. It’s sort of like having the ability to “turn on the customer tap” whenever you like! And remember, JD’s mantra is all about using a measurable “direct-response” marketing system, where you benefit from “instant results”. After all, when you want new customers, YOU WANT THEM NOW!


AUD $1,997


Have a question? Ph: 07 55 919 566

International: +61 – 7 – 55 919 566