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Perfect for business owners who would love to enjoy the JD’s “Client Attraction Marketing Ideas” on a one-to-one basis, but can’t devote the time travelling to meet JD in person.

This 3 month program particularly suits businesses that might be a far distance away from the Gold Coast, Queensland, where JD conducts his “face-to-face” client coaching sessions.

In the Wow VIP Program, you can enjoy JD’s personal coaching and quickfire marketing ideas from the comfort of your office.

If you can’t physically get to meet JD face-to-face for personal coaching, this is the next best thing.

After all, with Skype consultations, it’s virtually the same as being across the desk in an office environment!

And the great thing is that you can involve as many of your staff as you wish, because they don’t need to travel.

One of the valuable benefits of investing in a 3 month coaching program like this is that JD can crack the whip (in a nice way of course!) and help you execute your marketing campaigns more quickly.

After your initial Skype consultation, JD provides you with a Marketing Overview Report, giving you a “promotional roadmap” moving forward.

Thereafter, you’ll benefit from having regular coaching interaction with JD, the aim being to help you implement his suggested marketing initiatives as soon as possible.

It’s no different from having a personal trainer at the gym……………. you know that with a private coach, there’s a much stronger chance of getting the results you’re after.

This 3 months VIP Program is all about getting results for you – and having a marketing wizard like JD as your tutor, means that you’re getting strategic direction from one of the best in the world!

Think about how cost effective this investment is.

One client recently commented “gosh, this private coaching investment is about equivalent to what I pay my personal assistant at the office – and I know which investment will pay the biggest dividend, that’s for sure!”

This perfectly sums up how incredibly cost-effective this Mastermind Private Coaching Program is – and aside from having regular one on one interaction with one of the leading marketing experts in the world, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your office!

Doesn’t get much better than that!


A JD one hour personal Skype consult:

1 hour Skype consultation with JD at the beginning of your membership period.

This gives JD the opportunity to learn about your business and your sales challenges, so he can then put together a Marketing Overview Paper which will critique your current marketing and provide recommendations moving forward.


JD Marketing Overview Report:

A Marketing Overview Report providing you with JD’s assessment of your current marketing strategies, together with recommendations moving forward.


Then a second one hour Skype consult:

This allows you to discuss JD’s Marketing Report recommendations and strategies moving forward.

The idea of the second Skype consult within the first month is to encourage you to commit to an “action plan” for revolutionising your marketing!


2 x 60 minute Skype calls each of months two & three! (YES, TWO!!)

Your coaching entitles you to Personal Skype Calls twice a month, each one being 60 minutes in duration for the second and third months of this 3 month program.

This means you’re benefiting from regular fortnightly mentoring from a marketing genius.

Your competitors better get ready for “Invisibility,” because you’re going to be “standing out from the crowd” big time, once you follow JD’s WOW Marketing Formula!”


Website homepage layout:

JD will specifically create a new website homepage for your business – demonstrating to you the importance of including his direct response components which can transform your site from being an “information centre” to a sales juggernaut!


Wow Manifesto E-copy:

An electronic version of JD’s gigantic Wow Manifesto Book, which contains over 25 years of JD’s proven winning marketing concepts and his invaluable 10 point Client Attraction System.

Having the E-copy of JD’s incredible dossier means that you’ll never be stuck for a “client attraction marketing idea” ever again!


In this electronic “ideas goldmine”, you’ll discover JD’s recommended 10 major components to include in any “marketing plan”:

  1. The importance of researching & identifying “your most profitable customer”.
  2. How to position yourself (or business) as “the expert”.
  3. How to create “a wow factor” & take their eyes OFF the price!
  4. How to use “emotional problem/solution” techniques in your marketing.
  5. How to FIX your website – & be different from your competitors (who probably have a lame website!).
  6. How to hold ‘events” & profit from them.
  7. How to gain great “video testimonials” for your website – what type of questions to ask.
  8. How to get FREE publicity!
  9. How to deliver extraordinary “customer experiences” – Disney –style!!
  10. How to build “repetitive trade” – hint, hint……..COLLECT CUSTOMER DATA!!!


JD’s Wow Client Attraction Phenomena Program – 6 Week Online Course.

This is JD’s latest piece of gold – a Home Study Course that provides you with JD’s Wheel Of Wow “Client Attraction System” step-by-step.

It’s virtually a Wow Marketing Diploma Course that provides you with a template to:

  • Attract volumes of new clients
  • Eliminate Price Discounting forever
  • Create referrals & repetitive trade

The huge difference between JD’s home study program and tertiary education courses is that JD’s includes “real life business case studies,” demonstrating how you can take his “marketing mantra” and implement it into your own business.

Try getting that from a university lecturer!

Make no mistake, after studying this dossier of “wow marketing concepts,” you’re certainly going to know how to be “the UN” of your industry!

And here’s the best part!

JD provides you with a sample 90 day Marketing Plan that he created for one of his clients and then invites you to create your own.

If you email your 90 Day Plan to JD, he will provide you with a 20 minute audio critique!

Try getting that from any other business coach who provides you with a home study kit!

No wonder clients have already heralded this program as “the best” business home study course they’ve seen!


Wow Central Membership!

You also get 12 months membership in Wow Central, the largest marketing ideas library in the world!

It’s a Swipe File of JD’s best client attraction ideas which you have access to 24/7 at


Price On Application

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Have a question? Ph: 07 55 919 566
International: +61 – 7 – 55 919 566