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If you’re looking for “an easy read” of ways you can attract new clients to your products or services, this “How To Wow” Book will more than satisfy your appetite.

JD recounts how he got into the marketing world in the first place and highlights the need to combine “direct-response advertising” with “building one’s brand”.

From the very beginning of the book, he highlights that good examples of this philosophy are Woolworths and Kellogg’s .

In the Woolworths instance, he highlights that they heavily promote their fuel discount program and various other promotions, but at the same time the company pushes its overall branding message, being “The Fresh Food People”.

He explains that Kellogg’s have been offering “direct-response wow factors” of free gifts in their cereals for more than 50 years, but simultaneously, they have been building a brand personality of fun, healthy breakfast cereals.

He stresses that Kellogg’s has been able to take our focus off the price through the wow factor of free bonuses – and has also been able to build an unbelievably valuable brand at the same time.

See, you CAN sell stuff AND build your brand concurrently.

Showing you how to be become
“the UN” of your industry.

Throughout this book, John shows you how to become “the UN” of your industry, positioning your products or services very differently from your competitors.

When he says “the UN”, he’s referring to the “UNUSUAL” – or “UNLIKE” any of your competitors.

He cites Richard Branson as a classic case of someone who is “the UN” of their industry.

After all, Virgin planes are no different from any of its competitors – but courtesy of Richard Branson’s “wow factor influence”, the airline is marketed very differently from all others.

It’s brand persona is “wow factor personified” – with in-flight bars and incredibly friendly cabin crews, distinguishing the airline from any other.

In his book, John demonstrates how you can “borrow the equity” of huge companies like Disney (using Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and other characters) for a relatively modest fee.

He walks you through countless case studies of successful marketing campaigns he has developed for businesses across many industries.

And he shows you what not to do when it comes to your company website!

He highlights that your front desk receptionist is no longer your “Direct Of First Impressions” – it’s now your “website” that’s generally the first point of contact for any prospective client.

Hence the reason he places so much emphasis on trying to convince business owners that a website rejuvenation should be their first priority.

John also devotes a chapter to explaining how he scored the “marketing coup” of convincing Jerry Seinfeld to front the advertising of the Greater Building Society in Australia. (Talk about “a wow factor!”)

This was certainly one of the biggest “wows” anyone could pull off!

John goes behind the scenes and provides you with a candid explanation of how he got Jerry to say “yes”.

If you’re a business owner or manager, this book will undoubtedly inspire you to “think very differently” about the marketing of your products or services.

You’ll forget all about using “price discounting” as a marketing tool and start using “value-add” direct-response techniques as a favoured alternative.


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Have a question? Ph: 07 55 919 566
International: +61 – 7 – 55 919 566