Your Opportunity to use John as your
‘Marketing Coach’ – and watch your sales soar!

Coaching and Mentoring

12 Month Wow Marketing Masterclass

Enjoy one-on-one personal liaison with JD and then regular interaction with him over 12 months!

Here’s your opportunity to be part of a “Content-rich” environment, where you meet with JD every 2 weeks via webinars – and you attend a Masterclass 2 Day Workshop three times a year! The value of this regular interaction with JD’s and his system? Priceless!

Imagine having regular contact with one of the world’s leading marketing experts, helping you TRANSFORM your business! If you need MORE CLIENTS, this “insane value” Masterclass Program is for you!

There’s NOTHING like this incredible “marketing program” anywhere else in the world. It’s unique & it could be the best investment you’ll ever make!

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Wow Vip Private Coaching By Skype

Perfect for business owners who would love to enjoy JD’s advice on a one-to-one basis, but can’t devote the time travelling to meet JD in person.

This 3 month program suits business owners who may be long distances away or internationally based.

This is your chance to gain “one-on-one” personal coaching from one of the leading marketing gurus on the planet – from the comfort of your own office.

Most VIP Private Coaching clients tell us that they got their entire investment’s worth IN JUST THE FIRST Skype meeting with JD!

Imagine having a “marketing genius” on your team, with personal, one-to-one consultations!

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Jd Private Coaching – The Turbocharge 3 Month Program

An exclusive “private” 3 month coaching program available on an “application basis”.

Imagine having JD as your “Marketing Manager” for 3 months.

He’s called “The Business Whisperer” for a reason!

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Jd One Day Wow Heart-starter

A one day “intensive” workshop where you can involve your team members and experience a massive “marketing electric shock!”

Watch JD work at “light-speed” to help you create a powerful marketing roadmap going forward.

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