If you’re advertising on radio, make sure you appreciate it is “the theatre of the mind,” allowing you to use sound effects that can create all sorts of imagery in the minds of your prospects.

Whether it be the sounds of a waterfall for a landscaping business or San Francisco trams for a travel company, radio provides large canvas of creative opportunities for copywriters.

One of my clients, Rebel Pest, asked me to help with scripting a 30 second radio ad for “rat treatment.”

It was “rat season” and the pest company wanted to create awareness in the marketplace.

So I gained some inspiration from “horror movie trailers” and put together a script that was a parody of such movie promotional trailers.

It involved blood curdling screams from a woman, eerie music and a spooky voiceover tone.

The idea was to parody the typical horror movie promo trailer, therefore exploiting the emotional triggers

associated with something as unpleasant as an invasion of disease carrying rats.

Here’s the script:


Horror Movie eerie music type intro & bed (like the music in a horror movie)

Spooky male voice (similar to Vincent Price):

Did you know that it’s rat season in the Hunter Valley?

Current weather means that these grubby rodents are out in force – carrying serious diseases that can affect humans & pets.

Heard of dysentery, typhus fever or rat lung disease?

Protect your family – call the “exterminator experts” at Rebel Pest.

Phone 49 32 47 17 or visit rebelpest.com.au

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